E-mails from the very beginning of the lake drilling until the end

The Principle Investigators decided to provide you a deep insight into the lake drilling activities. Don't miss the journal of the whole campaign - but take your time: It's about 100 pages... So if you need some key words to speed up the search for the topics which interest you the most: Here they are.

January (start is Jan 22)
Preparations: logistics, ice roads, ice thickening, weather.

February 1 - 14
Preparations: logistics, ice thickening, communication, weather.

February 16 -28
Preparations: arrival of first containers, ice thickening, logistics, set up of the platform, weather.

March 1 - 14
Right before drilling activities: logistics, ice measurement, platform set up finished,construction of core boxes finished - and the weather!

March 15 - 31
Drilling: set of the casing, day and night shifts, first core meters, problems with 1A (Mar 21) and 1B, replacement tools are needed.

April 1 - 14
Drilling continues: crew change, replacement bits arrived, downhole logging, stabilization with mud, logistics, teacher on-site, reaching the imact breccia

April 15 - 30
More drilling: importance of having mud, successful download of data at Yuri Met, replacement tools arrive, reaching the bedrock, decision for moving the platform (Apr 26)

May (end is May 17)
At the end: demobilization and packing, removal of all traces, back to Pevek

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