Seismic studies 2000

Field studies in the summer of 2000 concentrated on seismic analyses to determine the position and thickness of sediment accumulations in Lake El'gygytgyn. The results showed that the 13 meter long and up to 260,000 years old drill core PG 1351, recovered in 1998, was just the tip of an iceberg: several hundred meters of sediment layers could be located in the lake basin. While the sediments at the lakeshore are disturbed by mass movements (e.g. glacial sliding, turbidity currents),  the middle of the lake has shown up as undisturbed in the seismic profile.

Seismic stratigraphy of Lake El'gygytgyn sediments. (Fig. left and below)

Seismische Stratigraphie der Sedimente (b)

(a) Multi-channel reflection profile AWI-20008130 is given as seismic image and
(b) interpreted line drawing with the trackline of the seismic profile shown in the inset. Seismic equipment used during the
pre-site surveys in 2000 and 2003 is shown in the diagram:
(1) streamer,
(2) stationary hydrophone (sonobuoy),
(3) airgun, (4) sediment echosounder,
(5) bathymetric echosounder.

Figures by C. Gebhardt fom Melles et al. (2011)


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