Initial sampling 1998

In the spring of 1998 the first 13 meter long sediment core was recovered from Lake El'gygytgyn. To do so, the lake's ice covering the lake which is 170 meters in dept, was used as a platform and a tent was set up over the borehole to serve as weather protection. Drill core PG 1351 dates back 260,000 years, roughly twice as long as the longest ice core from Greenland. The geological analyses proved that the lake was not glaciated or dried out during the last two glacial/interglacial cycles. They also illustrated that the regional climate and environmental history is documented with large sensitivity.

Biogeochemische Stellvertreterdaten (Proxies) über die vergangenen 260 ka aus dem Kern PG1351 (Altersmodell nach Nowaczyk et al., 2007), verglichen mit der Juli-Insolation bei 67.5 N (Paillard et al. 1996) und der globalen marinen Sauerstoffisotopenkurve (Martinson et al. 1987).  Die Sedimente spiegeln relativ warmes (Einheit 1), besonders warmes (Einheit 2), kaltes und trockenes (Einheit 3) sowie kaltes aber feuchteres Klima (Einheit 4) wider (aus Melles et al., 2007).

Elgygytgyn Drilling Project
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Andreas Vogt
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