Discovering a Unique Arctic Climatic Archive

In 1978 the El'gygytgyn crater was analyzed and it's age determined as being approx. 3.6 m years old. But Russian Olga Glushkova was the one who discovered the scientific value of the lake:  during geomorphological field mapping in 1994 she noticed that ice coverage in the vicinity of the crater was rather thin compared to most areas at this latitude. An undisturbed sediment sequence could have deposited on the lake floor then, which might document the complete climate and environmental history since the Pliocene - for the very first time in the terrestrial Arctic.

By involving American and German scientists, on-site examinations took place in the spring of 1998, summer of 2000 and spring and summer of 2003. The assumption of extensive and - in parts of the lake - undisturbed sediment layers has been proved by the results of these pre-studies and led to the international drilling campaign in 2008/2009.

-> 1998: initial sampling
-> 2000: seismic studies
-> 2003: detailed pilot study

Elgygytgyn Drilling Project
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Andreas Vogt
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